• Bella Cake Plate

  • Aura Series

  • Basic Chopping Board

  • Ecosaver Food Saver

  • Kangaroo Baskets

  • Salad Spinner

  • Mon-stick Icecube Tray

About Us

Gondol is one of the biggest producers and exporters in plastic kitchenware and tools industry in Turkey. It has started to become market leader in the sector since it had been established. Gondol firstly started to produce in an atelier in 1978. Goldol has succeeded to be used in our kitchens as a result of its successful marketing and sales performance.

Using the experience of being a successful brand in domestic industry, Gondol tries to achieve becoming brand in the countries where it has exported. Our company has TSEK Service Compliance Certificate which is accepted as a world standard.

Gondol Plastic


Gondol has been producing plastic kitchenware and households products since 1978. It is not only give importance to the functional product but also create the innovative design.

Today Gondol shows the newness with the new web site!

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